Inventory Accounting

The application keeps track of goods flow and sales both in quantitative and monetary terms for the following:

  • Retail chain;
  • Storage;
  • Trademarks;
  • Collections;
  • Product groups;
  • etc.

The application’s features:

  • Automatic documentation of goods flow in the retail chain.
  • Includes an advanced system for setting prices and discounts.
  • Can promptly provide information on goods flow and sales.

Technical features:

  • Database server: SQL.
  • Asynchronous replication.
  • Visual Foxpro.

Point-of-sale terminals app

The application is intended to be used in point-of-sale terminals for digital products..

Technical features:

  • Database server: PostgreSQL.
  • C#.NET.

Taxi dispatch system

This application can be used to create an automated taxi dispatch system.

Technical features:

  • Database server: PostgreSQL and MySql.
  • C#.NET.

Horse Analyzer

The application receives data on horses taking part in the forthcoming race from the website form.horseracing.betfair.com and compares their parameters.

Technical features:

  • C#.NET.

Betfair bots

Betfair.com bots.

Technical features:

  • C#.NET;
  • Database server: MS SQL Server.

Sales Monitoring

The web application monitors order processing in an OpenCart-based web store and compares each payment’s details between the bank and the sales register.

Technical features:

  • Web application.
  • Database server: MySql.
  • PHP framework: Yii 1.

Code example